We spent another day of our trip to the mountains at Dollywood.  The park opened at 10am on the day we went.  It took us a little while to get our act together and figure out what we wanted to do that day and didn’t get there until around 11am.  #amateurmistake  I wish we had gotten there a little sooner but we still managed to pack a lot into our day.
We bought the overpriced picture of the whole group when we entered the park because the odds of getting this crowd back together in an amusement park anytime soon are pretty slim…not that we didn’t have an awesome time…we just don’t get the opportunity to travel together a lot.
Here’s about 100 more pictures from our day at Dollywood.


The girls suckered me into getting their faces painted instead of letting them get a souveneir.  At $8.99 a pop I’m not sure that I saved that much money but at least there’s not another random toy junking up the playroom.

On the teacups…


and the carousel…

And hanging out waiting for the big kids to get off a rollercoaster…

For the water rides, the people who don’t ride can pay a quarter and squirt water guns at the people on the actual ride as they pass by.  The girls were all over that!  They did ride the white water rapids ride (along with my 79 year old granny…who got soaked along with my Mom)!

You can try out the seat of the rollercoaster before you wait in line to see if you fit without waiting.  Miss A was a little too small for this one.

Although the pictures don’t reflect it, Dollywood actually has more rollercoasters than I expected and the new Wild Eagle ride was awesome!  We rode until closing time!
If you are going you may want to consider buying a season pass.  It is only $33 more than a 1 day ticket for an adult and you can use it as much as you want!
You can read about the rest of our trip here.

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