DIY Art Wall

Are you sick of my Laundry Room yet?  I know pink polka dots aren’t for everyone.  If so, stop reading now.
I wanted to hang some cute girly pictures on the wall opposite the polka dots.  I searched Etsy and online for printables but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.
Happily I thought of the perfect solution when I was perusing Hobby Lobby and noticed a Barbie calendar with exactly the type of drawings I wanted for the Laundry Room.
This was about the easiest project ever.  All you need is a calendar, a frame from the Dollar Tree, a pencil and scissors.  I used 8.5×11 certificate frames.  EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY!
Take the class from the frame and trace around the edge to give you a line to cut by.  This in also allows you to see how much of the picture will end up in the frame.
Then you just cut along the lines.  Once you place the picture in the frame you may have to trim a little off the edge here and there.
I wanted to use 9 pictures so I played with the layout on the carpet to figure out which pictures I wanted where and how far apart I wanted them spaced.
And then I hung them on the wall using straight pins.  One frame fell off the wall while I was hanging it and broke but luckily I bought an extra.  At $1 each, you can’t complain too much.
I think I will call them the Ladies of the Laundry and give them each a fancy name like Cosette or Vivian or Jacqueline…
Do you love it?  Or do you think I’m crazy?  I love them either way.  And the best part is the whole project was less than $20!  I love them in the laundry room but they would be super cute in a Nursery or Girl’s bedroom.

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  1. I love these and they are the perfect pictures for the laundry room as well. I have kept a few calenders thinking they would look great framed, but never actually got around to doing it. Now Im thinking maybe I should 🙂 Great job

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