Another Easy Valance

I recently finished curtain #3 of my Sister’s Christmas present.  Only two more to go and it’s already July.  Maybe I’ll have them all done by next Christmas.
Anyway, Curtain #3 is a valance for her laundry room.  I didn’t really use a pattern since I knew what I wanted the curtain to look like and it wasn’t too complicated.
I started with my fabric cut into the shape of a rectangle.  To figure out the width of the rectangle to cut, I used the following calculation.  “Rod” left and right are the wide the that rod sticks out from the wall.

The length of the fabric was just how long I wanted the valance to hang down plus 1 inch (total) for the top and bottom seam allowances.  Once my fabric was cut I used it as a pattern to cut the lining the same size.


With both the fabric and lining on top of one another, I folded it in half and cut an arch into the fabric.  I cut both pieces at the same time to they would be exactly the same size.  (If you were doing two valances, then I would recommend cutting all the pieces together so they would have the same arch.)

Here’s what it looked like after I cut the arch out.

And the same piece once I unfolded it.  See how nice and smooth the arch is?

I pinned the lining to the fabric (right sides together) and headed upstairs to my sewing machine.

Here’s what it looked like after sewing.  (NOTE:  To leave a space for the curtain rod, you can’t just sew around the whole thing.  Take a look at the diagram in my last valance tutorial for more info.)

I gave it a good ironing and headed straight to my sister’s house to hang it.

And here’s one more look at the finished product!

Easty To Sew Valance

This was a fun little valance to make and the whole project took less than an hour! 

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