Farmhouse Favorites Under $50

Farmhouse Favorites Under $50

Does it seem like Farmhouse is all the rage right now?  It’s certainly all over Pinterest and Instagram.  Today I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite Farmhouse style finds on Amazon.  And the best part is they are all under $50!

If you’re wanting to maybe add a hint of farmhouse to your decor without going full-on “chippy-everything” mode, adding a couple of these pieces can give your space a farmhouse feel without distressing every piece of furniture you own.

Full disclaimer:  I don’t own any of these…yet. I just picked out a few things I liked that won’t break the bank.  And this post contains affiliate links directly to the products. (They don’t change the price you pay.) See my full disclosure policy for more info.

So…here are my favorites!

Favorite Farmhouse Finds Under $50 and all on Amazon! Adding a couple of these can give your home a Farmhouse feel without breaking the bank.


Bench / Basket / Light / Jug / Big Jug / WindMill / Pray Big Pillow / Bakery Sign / Boxwood / Tea Towel / Tray

I really love those big jugs!  Those may be headed my way pretty soon.  They would be super cute with a little greenery coming out of the opening and a few casa beads.  And that light fixture almost makes me want to understand electricity so I could install it…almost.

The bench was under $50 when I was writing this post but it looks like it may be sold out now.  Hopefully they will restock it soon.

The boxwood, tea towel and tray would make great Farmhouse additions to your kitchen.  And I love the PRAY BIG pillow.  That has certainly been a theme around here lately.

Do you have any of these already?  Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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