I am “Mama” to three sweet little girls who are the absolute joy of my life.  I’ve been married to Mr. Right for over 11 years.

We live on the family farm less than two miles from both my parents and my in-laws.  Most of our weekends are spent playing dress-up, riding the tractor and covered in spray paint from the DIY project of the moment.

I love a good DIY  project and re-purposing the old to the new by using what I already have. I {more than} love Pinterest.  I am completely addicted to sweets.  For real.  I have a problem.  Coke Zero is my best friend.

You can find me here, at my real job, at home or at church.  That’s about as far as I get on a regular basis but I do love to travel.  I’m always ready for a road trip!  Especially a road trip to Disney…

Thanks for stopping by the Bay Bush!  Please comment and follow along!

You can send me a message directly below.  Hearing from you would absolutely make my day!

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