Most Beautiful Diaper Cake Ever

This is seriously the most beautiful diaper cake ever! And the tutorial sounds really easy!

We had a little shower at work for a co-worker with a little bundle of joy on the way!  We knew we wanted to make a diaper cake to use as a centerpiece.  So, naturally, I searched Pinterest for an easy, beautiful Diaper Cake Tutorial.

This is seriously the most beautiful diaper cake ever! And the tutorial sounds really easy!

I was inspired by this beauty at Really Quite Lucky.  So, I totally cannot take credit for the idea. I mean, it is genius.

The receiving blankets covering the diapers look like a fondant cake.  Also, I had two of the sweetest co-workers ever helping me. So it was a group effort. But it turned out too cute not to share!

Here’s what you need:

We got everything from Wal-Mart and my co-worker did an awesome job buying everything to color coordinate.  But just to make your life easier I’ve added links to similar ones on Amazon (affiliate links).


The receiving blankets came folded the long way so I just left them that way and pinned them together to make a big circle.  To make the bottom layer as wide as I wanted it I pinned two receiving blankets together end to end.


Then you fill the circle in with diapers laying on their side.  Here is a picture of the bottom of one of the layers so you can see how the diapers are just swirled around in there.
bottom view


After you have filled the diaper inside the receiving blanket, fold and pin the excess blanket over the top of the diapers.  This picture also shows how we used the ribbon to hang the teething rings from the side of the diaper cake.
One of the blankets had a butterfly embroidered on it so we made sure it was in the center just for the cuteness factor.


Decorate your “cake!”  We pinned individual socks to the sides of the diaper cake.  The spoons are attached using a safety pin.  Genius – but I can’t take credit.  It was in the tutorial linked above.  We embellished each layer of the “cake” with polka dot ribbon that was pinned on at the back.


The top!  In the inspiration tutorial they used wash clothes on the top.  However, they didn’t have wash clothes that matched our color scheme so we put a little stuffed animal on the top to hide the diapers on the top.

most beautiful diaper cake ever


You may want to consider using size 1 or 2 diapers so that the parents can display the diaper cake longer without the baby outgrowing the diapers.  Just a thought!

I love it!  Pin it now for later!


This #diapercake is amazing!  I need to remember this for my next #babyshower

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  1. You are so sweet! I love your projects as well!! Thank you so much!!

    {Pretty sure the only awards I have been eligible for up to this point relate to procrastination and a toy overflows.}

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