St. Patricks Day Wreath {Dollar Store Craft}

Now that Valentine’s Day is behind me, I’m thinking forward to next month and St. Patrick’s Day.  I made this cute little wreath today in less than 20 minutes and under $6!  That’s my kind of project.

Super quick and easy St Patricks Day Wreath from stuff from the Dollar Store

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 2-3 Dollar Store Scarves (I bought 3 but only used 2)
  • Dollar Store Shamrock
  • 2 yards of Hounds tooth Ribbon or any ribbon you think would contrast well with Green (I bought this after Christmas at Sam’s Club for $6.  The roll has 50 yards on it!)  You need two lengths cut around 10 inches and one length cut about 12-14 inches long.  You can just measure out the remainder for the hanging part of the wreath as compared to the length of the scarves.
  • White plastic zip tie (already had)
  • Safety pin (who doesn’t have a safety pin?)
  • Floral wire (already had)

A trusty assistant is always nice to have too.
Trusty assistant

Lay the two shorter pieces of ribbon across the stem of the shamrock.  Then double one scarf and wrap it around the stem of the shamrock and the ribbons and tie a knot.  Take the other scarf and tie it around the knot of the scarf you just tied.  It should look like this.  (A picture is worth a thousand words, right?)


Take the plastic tie and pull it as tight as you can around the knot and zip it in the back, trimming the excess plastic.  This just ensures that the scarves don’t come untied.

Zip tie

Then take the 12-14 inch piece of ribbon and wrap it around the plastic tie and knot, twisting it in the back so that the right side of the ribbon is facing the front.



The last thing you have to do is measure out the piece of ribbon to hang down with the scarves.  I doubled it and then tied it to the center of the shamrock with floral wire.  I cut the ends of the ribbons into inverted points too.

And that is it!  Easy as pie.  Here is the finished product…

St Pats Wreath

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14 comments on “St. Patricks Day Wreath {Dollar Store Craft}

  1. Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for sharing how you made the very cute (and inexpensive) door hanging! Your assistant is adorable too. I saw your post over at "Weekend Bloggy Reading".

  2. Perfect for St. Pat’s day! I don’t normally decorate for St. Pat’s, but this would be so easy to make and will have a great impact. Thanks for the suggestion.

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