Burlap Bow Tutorial

What a week it has been y’all!  I’m glad it’s behind me.

Burlap and Bunting
Someone emailed me to ask if I posted a tutorial go to with the Burlap Bows that I made for my front porch at July 4th.  I told her I would see what I could whip up this weekend.  I didn’t have any more of the burlap ribbon that I bought at Michaels left so I took apart one of the bows from the porch and re-made it, taking a slew of pictures along the way. 

I used the same method for the bows that I use with wired ribbon.  But I think the burlap is easier to work with than ribbon.  SO if you can make a bow out of wired ribbon…you can easily do one with burlap.  I used a 6 inch wide burlap roll from Michaels.

Step 1:  Start by making a loop with the burlap, keeping the end a little longer than the center of the bow.
Step 2:  Make a loop on the other side about the same size as Loop 1.
Step 3:  Make another loop on the same side as Loop 1 but make it a little larger than the first loop. The end of my Loop 3 is about an inch and a half longer than Loop 1.
Step 4:  Make another loop on the other side about the same size as the one you just made on the opposite side.

How to Tie a Burlap Bow

So now you’ve got 1 small loop and 1 medium loop on each side.
Step 5:  Make another loop a little larger on the same side as Loops 1 and 3.
Step 6:  Make Loop 6 on the opposite side sized to match the one you just made on the opposite side.  Now you have a small, medium and large loop on both sides.
How to tie a Burlap Bow
Step 7:  Wrap a piece of string or twine all the way around the bow twice and tie in a knot in the back.   The fourth shot in the picture shows the front of the bow after it is tied.
Step 8:  Cut a piece of burlap twice as long as you want the streamers hanging down from the bow.
Step 9:  Tie the streamer to the bow at the center with another piece of string or twine. 
And then you’re done!  Bow city!  The whole thing takes less than 5 minutes!
Burlap and Bunting

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