Gift Wrapping Station

I just realized that I never shared my Gift Wrapping Station.  I’ve been using it over a year and it’s still as functional as it was on Day 1.  It lives on the backside of the door to my laundry room.

This is certainly not a new concept.  I’ve seen it all over Pinterest but the first one I saw was over at I Heart Organizing in early 2012.  I thought about ordering the materials from the Container Store but it was going to be over $50 and I didn’t want my wrapping paper organized that badly.

So…when I saw a pantry organizer at Walmart for less then $18 I decided that was a little more my speed and gave it a try.  I did alter it a little by cutting the bottom out of one of the shelves so that the wrapping paper could go through it without falling out.   Here is a link to another one I found on Amazon* as well.
Gift Wrapping Station 
The top shelf holds my card organizer, scissors and an empty jar holding all of the loose ribbon.  It’s clear so that I can see exactly what colors are inside.
The next shelf holds all of my tissue paper and tape.
The shelf below that has an extra gift bag filled with bows and the bottom holds the largest gift bags and wrapping paper.  I only had the smaller rolls from the One Spot at Target when I took the pictures but the regular rolls fit as well.
The medium sized bags fit inside an extra gift bag and hang from a separate door hanger. 
And finally, the smallest bags are hanging from a Command sticky hook.
Gift Wrapping Station
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