One Room Challenge: Girl’s Bedroom Makeover {THE REVEAL}

Fun and whimsical glitter, confetti bedroom for a tween girl! One room challenge Makeover Reveal

It’s here!  The end!  I have a real love/hate relationship with these challenges but I always love it when its over.  If you’ve missed the update posts (the few I posted), I made over my daughter’s bedroom for her birthday.  She just turned ten so I wanted something that reflected her personality and would last well into her teen years.

Here’s where we started…

And here’s the same view after the makeover!

Fun and whimsical glitter, confetti bedroom for a tween girl! One room challenge Makeover Reveal

McKenna is a fun-loving, little super-star in the making.  We decided to call her style “Glitter Confetti.”  Is that a thing?  It is now.  The confetti wall was our inspiration and starting point.

One Room Challenge Girl's Bedroom Reveal. Such a fun space for a tween! Who doesn't love glitter and confetti?

McKenna is also an avid reader and I’m always finding her books all over the house.  I bought a couple of inexpensive crates to house her books and create her own personal library.  It also functions as a cute little TV stand for her little TV.  I toyed with the idea of hiding the TV for the pictures but decided this was our real life.  And we watch TV.

I re-used all the furniture in the room except for the bed.  She was begging to go to a twin bed so she would have more open space in her room.  But I was afraid she wouldn’t adjust to sleeping on a smaller bed now that she’s accustomed to a full-sized bed.  Then I (affiliate link) found a full-sized daybed on Amazon that we both loved.  Because it allows the mattress to fit against the wall the long way (instead of sticking out into the room) it opened up so much more space.  I moved the dresser and chest to different walls all by myself.  In other news…I’m headed to the chiropractor tomorrow.

Super easy and cheap reading nook for a kids room. Two $10 crates from Walmart and a bean bag.

I found a piece of fabric in my stash that fit over the 3 legged table perfectly!  And I love the pattern in the room.

Pink Polka Dots are a must in any Tween Girl Bedroom!

I love the pink and teal in this tween girl bedroom!

The gallery above her bed is one of my favorite things in the room.  Those glitter frames are the same ones above her bed before the makeover!  We just applied a little modge podge and a lot of glitter and they are fabulous!  I love the “Sprinkle Kindness Around Like Confetti” piece too because I’m always asking her if she’s been as kind as she can be…and the theme of the room is confetti!  It was a perfect fit!

Glitter frames! Upcycled from old frames, modge podge and glitter!

She found the huge amethyst when we mined for gems on our last road trip.

Tween Girl Bedroom

I’m planning on a separate post with all the sources from the stuff in her room.  So stay tuned if you have seen something you loved!

My girl absolutely loves her new room and now she has plenty of room to play with her sisters! (The bedding came from (affiliate link) Target in case you are wondering!)

Even when she doesn’t want them around…these pictures totally portray their relationship.

Now summer is almost here and I’m sure this little reading nook will get lots of use!  The bean bag chair is also from (affiliate link) Target!

So what do you think?  Do you love it as much as McKenna does?  Give it a pin!

One Room Challenge Girl's Bedroom Makeover Glitter Confetti Girl's Bedroom with DIYs!


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  1. Such a cute room and I can see both girls love it. I love the pom pom bedding and the confetti wall. My daughter turns 10 in July and is requesting a bedroom redo. I probably will need to check out that bedding. Great job! 🙂

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