Closet to Cloffice

Cluttered Closet to Cute Cloffice! Great idea to turn a closet into an office!

Do you have a piece of prime real estate in your home that is under utilized? We did! Our little closet under the stairs was a home for old coats, paint cans, vacuums and too much other junk to name. The sad part was that we rarely used any of the stuff in it, yet it was taking up prime real estate in our home without providing us much value.

Brace yourself…a pretty unflattering “Before” picture is approaching…

This is the before picture of a closet under the stairs...check out how she made it over into her own office or cloffice

Yikes. Lots of stuff in no particular order. I thought a lot about what I could do with it to serve us best and decided to turn it into my own personal tiny office!

Cloffice Makeover Steps:

First, I completely emptied the space and removed the coat hanger.

We patched the holes from the hanger to get the walls ready for paint. My girls helped me clean out the closet in exchange for letting them paint. #winning

I painted the side walls “Memory Lane” by Pittsburgh Paints. For the back wall I used (affiliate link) Beadboard Wallpaper leftover from my Laundry Room. I ran it sideways to give it a shiplap feel. Everybody has to have a little shiplap, right?

I made the built in desk myself so everything would fit the exact dimensions I needed. I may do another post on that project at some point. One of the biggest reasons I decided to make this space into an office was the printer. Originally it was upstairs in my old office/guest room and it never failed that I would truck it up there to get something off the printer only to find it hadn’t printed. It is so helpful to have a home for my printer and computer downstairs!

I DIYed a little bulletin board out of an old frame for the right wall.

I’ve had these wooden wall organizer forever. I’ve always just had them propped up in my kitchen but they have a new home in the cloffice now!

Office organization in this adorable little closet turned office or cloffice!

The baskets corral larger items that I didn’t want out of the desk like extra printer ink.

Cluttered Closet to Cute Cloffice! Great idea to turn a closet into an office!

Little sweetie thinks the office is a great spot for hide and go seek!

Cluttered Closet to Cute Cloffice! Great idea to turn a closet into an office!

So now when you read my blog posts you can picture me here in my little cloffice blogging away!

This is one of my favorite projects so far! Don’t forget to pin it for later!

Sources (contains affiliate links):

Desk – I made it myself! Stain is Espresso by Minwax

Chair – Antique (see how I DIYed it here)

Paint – Memory Lane by Pittsburgh Paints

Wallpaper – Amazon

Lamps – Walmart

Wire Baskets – Target

File Folder – Target

Large Fabric Basket – TJ Maxx

Hanging Bar – Amazon

Paperclip Buckets – Target

5 comments on “Closet to Cloffice

  1. Love the idea of a cloffice Amanda. We have a small area under our stairs that’s packed with stuff we don’t even now we have and this would be perfect. Pinned to my Small Space Living board. It’s brilliant

  2. Did you end up doing a post on the desk? I need to build an office very similar to this and would love a tutorial!!

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