Smitten 2018 {Summer Edition}

Where has this been all my life? It makes holding onto my phone so much easier!

Hey y’all!  I’m popping in to share my favorite things for summer!  We have been on the road for 14 of the last 15 days and it has been CrAzY but SO MUCH FUN.  My girls are growing before my eyes so I’m trying to savor this precious summer time with them.  This brings me to my first summer favorite of 2018…

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SUMMER CAMP.  My girls went to summer camp and I went right along with them!  It was a fun week with a pretty amazing view.  I have so many fun memories made in this same spot.

The Lakehouse 


I read this one while we were on the 2nd leg of our trip at the beach and I loved it!  I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Kate Morton thus far.  I couldn’t put it down and read over 600 pages in a few days.  She’s known for her crazy plot twists and this one did not disappoint!

Save the Date

Another book…but this one actually is a beach read so I’m throwing it in here too.  I read it a little while back and it was an easy, fun read.  It would make a great addition to your beach bag!  I found it at my local library…and while we are on the subject of libraries…I am OBSESSED with these Little Free Libraries!   They are just so cute!  Every time I spot one I have to stop and see what’s inside!  I’ve even borrowed a few books!

Rash Guards

I have always favored these for my girls but I finally wised up and ordered one for myself.  I try to avoid sun exposure and with two weeks planned back to back on the water, I went ahead and invested in a rash guard.  I’m not sure what took me so long!  It saves a ton of time and keeps your back from getting crazy lines from bathing suits or missed sunscreen spots.  I sized up when I ordered because I didn’t want to feel constricted since I was planning to wear over my normal bathing suit top.  I was afraid it would be too hot but it actually kept me cooler once it was wet.  Added bonus…no worries about my bathing suit top shifting and showing more than I wanted.

When Calls The Heart

Alright…this one is for the ladies.  I’ve gotten hooked on this sweet little series by the Hallmark Channel.  I’ve been watching it on Netflix and its family friendly.  I’d have no problem with my girls watching right along.  And, best of all, Aunt Becky from Full House is in it!

Phone Pop Stands and Hook

Where has this been all my life? It makes holding onto my phone so much easier!

Where has this been all my life and why has it taken me so long to get one of these?  It sticks to the back of your cellphone case and makes it so much easier to hold.  It also makes those awkward angle selfies easier to take too!  I believe there are still a few of these at Shops on Main Street if you are local but they also ship.  I got this adorable unicorn seahorse one.  Trust me.  You need this.  The hook is for your car so you have a place to hang your phone when you’re driving.

Those are my favorite things for summer!   Did you catch my Cloffice Makeover?  It’s one of my favorite things from this entire year!  Have you tried/read/watched any of these?  What are your favorites for summer?

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