Easy Crown Headband Tutorial

Sweet girl has a first birthday coming up!  Can you believe it?  I don’t even know how that happened.  We have 1 year pictures coming up and I wanted a cute headband/crown combo for her to wear so I decided to make one.
Here’s what you’ll need… 
  1. The crown – I found this one on clearance after Christmas at Target.  It was an ornament that I bought on a whim but knew I could use it for something with three little princesses running around. 
  2. Black or White felt – white would have been better but I only had black so that’s what I used
  3. White Boa – I found this one at Michaels
  4. A regular baby headband (it won’t be damaged in the making of the headband so you can use a good one)
  5. A couple of hair clips.  (I used an alligator clip from a broken hairbow and a plain hair clip.)
  6. Hot Glue Gun

I used a pair of pliers to bend the hanger part of the ornament down.

Then I cut a piece of felt slightly larger than the base of the crown for it to sit on.  I thought the bottom of the crown itself might be too hard for my little princess (plus is was an additional place to glue the feathers).

I hot-glued the crown to the felt.

Then I glued the feathers to the felt base of the crown by slowly wrapping it around as I glued.

Finally, I took two clips and hot-glued them to the bottom of the felt so that I could attach it to the headband without messing the original headband up.

Lastly, I attached the headband to the crown and tried it on my little princess!  Mine ended up a little top heavy due to the weight of the crown but she does pretty well with it.  How cute is she?  She definitely has our hearts.  I cannot wait to see how her first birthday pictures turn out!

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