I do not know where this year has gone. I am just getting used to writing 2010 and it will be over before long!!

Here are a few updates…
1. The Flood. The waters have come down a bit but it is still really high in some places. I think I will be able to get to work tomorrow though…not sure if that is good or bad. I tried to upload some pictures of the water but was not sucessful yesterday. I will try again.

2. The house. I guess you’ve figured out that we were not able to get our CO by September 30th. This was due to the fact that we found out at the last minute we would have to get another septic tank instead using the one that was there. So…maybe in two more weeks or so we will be able to get this thing finished!

3. The girls. They are doing great! We went to Homecoming at Oak Grove this morning and had a really nice time. The girls were good during church and the food afterward was delicious. The pastor had a good message about incorporating Bible principles into chores with your kids. Miss Averycakes is walking all over the place!

4. Work. Work is…it is…well, a disaster right now. We are so backed up trying to get everything out by October 15th, it is CRAZY!!! I will be glad when October 15th comes and goes!!!

I really want to post some pictures but I can’t find my camera…which means I can’t find my memory card either. Maybe it will turn up tomorrow!

Please pray that I can make it through October 15th!!

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