Post I wrote a week ago but never posted…

It seems like I start all my posts out like this lately but things have been CRAZY busy on the Bay Bush!

We had 4 year old birthday party festivities for a certain little sweetie pie. Her birthday party at preschool was Barbie themed with Barbie plates, napkins and cupcakes (Tron cupcakes for the boys). And the little party we had at our house was Cinderella themed. The kids played find Cinderella’s lost “glass” (plastic) slipper, Cinderella relay races and Pin the crown on Cinderella. I’ll post some pictures as soon as I get them from my resident photographer (aka Sister). I barely had time to turn around at the party, much less take pictures.

I did a little interview with McKenna to document her take on life at 4.

Me: What is your favorite color?

McKenna: Purple

Me: What is your favorite tv show?

McKenna: Suite Life on Deck

Me: What is your favorite game to play outside?

McKenna: Hide-n-go-seek

Me: What is your favorite toy?

McKenna: Suite Life on Deck

Me: No, your favorite toy – something you play with.


Annya: Ok. What do you want to be when you grow up?

McKenna: A barbie designer.

I love that girl!

And my little one is walking around the whole time during our interview saying “pewter” and pointing at the computer. She is a sweetie too!
And me and this cat celebrated 6 years of marital bliss on the 30th! Six years sounds like a long time but it has flown by. However, we have turned into an old married couple. It was lunch time on the 30th before we realized it so I called him and said “Happy Anniversary” and he returned the sentiment and that was the end of it. We were sort of preoccupied with birthday party preparations that we really didn’t have a lot of time to think about it. So note to all you ladies out there – if you want a romantic anniversary celebration year after year – don’t have a baby the week before it. Otherwise, all the anniversaries from then out are focused on Birthday parties.

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