Father’s Day & Fishin’

We thought Father’s Day would be the perfect time to take Avery on her first fishing trip. Actually, we didn’t really plan it. I came home and Chad said, “Let’s go fishing.” I said, “Are you for real?” The trip was short but long enough for a 1 year old. We fished in a little pond in our neighborhood. We caught several fish but threw them all back. I love this picture of Chad and Avery.


Right after I took this picture one of the fish flopped around and scared Miss Avery so bad she feel over backwards.

Apparently, Father’s Day is a time when Fathers try to spend quality time with their daughters. On the way to our fishing hole we crossed the bridge at the creek and saw my Dad and Sister kayaking in the creek. My Dad had already flipped over one time at that point (two in total) and Annya flipped before she got out of it. Pretty random course of events if you know my family very well. Definitely not in their norm.

No Dad is perfect but every girl has a special place in her heart for Daddy. I feel really blessed that I was able to spend time with my Dad on Father’s day. I’m also really blessed to have such a wonderful Dad for my girls. Chad is completely smitten with them and under their spell and it warms my heart to see them together.

And here’s one more cute picture that I never shared from McKenna’s dance recital. This was taken at our house before we left for the recital. She is so much like me that I am afraid for her. She absolutely has a flair drama and I find her singing and putting on shows in the mirror or on our hearth all the time.


We are having a great time on our little road trip! I am making the most of the high speed internet while I’m here and everyone else is sleeping!

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