Headboard Makeover

Last year I bought a twin bed from a family member. It was $50 and included the brown wicker headboard, mattress, box spring, frame, sheets and comforter. Basically, they just wanted to be rid of it. Since I knew we would be moving, I thought it would work for McKenna in her new bedroom that she would share with Avery (assuming we would be able to get her out of our bed).

I took a before picture of the headboard. It had seen better days but was in pretty good shape although some of the wicker pieces at the top were broken and/or gone. I was saving that picture so that I could do my first little blog DIY makeover post and show you guys my handiwork. Well, that was in January. At some point I ran out of room on my memory card and deleted the picture so that I would have room to take a picture of my beautiful babies.

I hope you don’t hold it against me. Does this happen to anyone other than me? It seems that I am constantly out of space on my camera.

It looked something like this…only it was a twin headboard and some of the rounded pieces at the top were gone. This was the closest picture I could find to it on the Internet. (I found it on eBay and it is listed for $69 if you are interested :)) So imagine…the picture below, as a headboard, with broken pieces.
The brown wasn’t exactly screaming “little girl’s bedroom.”

I bought 3 cans of Valspar White Satin Spray paint form Lowes. In hindsight, I find that you should prime this sort of thing before painting it. I didn’t know that. So it took 4 cans of regular spray paint. If you have any interest in painting furniture you should take a look at this tutorial at All Things Thrifty… which I found after the fact. Cause I like to do things the hard way y’all.

So then I just needed something to camouflage the missing/broken wicker pieces at the top. I wanted something really girly and cute. I was going to make little bows and sew them on when I found these. They are actually bows to attach to pocketbook straps. The snaps on the back worked perfectly and if we get tired of them we can just unsnap and trash them. They were $.78 each on a wholesale website. (I have a connection with one of their vendors.)

And here is the finished product! I’m thinking I may cut the bows so that the ribbon hanging down is a little shorter on all of them. What do you think?

wicker headboard
The bedding and wall decals are from Target. While you’re here and the place is remotely clean, you may as well look around. Here is their bedroom from another angle.
Girls room
Side note about those wall stickers. Little girls like to pull them off the wall and re-arrange them so that all the purple ones are together “so they can be a family.” So I can’t really take full credit for the wall placement of the flowers and butterflies at this point.

**EDIT** I found this cute curtains at Lowes on clearance for $7.50 each today and couldn’t resist. The butterfly curtain rod was also on clearance for $13.99. It turned out SO CUTE! Here is an updated picture. And just pretend you don’t see the stains on the rug.

And one of the crib!
Girls Room other view
The crib bedding is from Kid’s Line. Tiger Lilly, I think. Don’t hold me to that as I bought it over 4 years ago. I wouldn’t say their room is totally finished. I still want to do something different with the little bookcase. I’m also thinking about putting their name either in wooden letters or vinyl above their beds or somewhere. Perhaps with ribbon and a bow at the top of each letter…the wheels are turning!

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