Stool Makeover

Disclaimer: What you’re about to see is ugly. hideous
Really ugly. This footstool was a freebie from a yard sale and was in need of some love. McKenna had been dragging it around the house and using it to climb up on things since we moved in November.

I couldn’t take it any longer. It either had to go or get a makeover. So I took the thing apart and whipped out my trusty spray paint and went to it.
It says on the can not to use spray paint if the humidity is over a certain point. Being the impatient person that I can be I decided to proceed despite the monsoon outside.

It took 2 coats of spray paint and a little touch up on a couple spots I missed.

I had fabric that matched the shower curtain in the girls bathroom leftover from years ago. I used the old fabric that I took off as a template for the new fabric.

I really wish I had marked where the screws for the hinge went before I stapled it down. I ended up having to get Chad to drill new holes in the board as I couldn’t find the old holes once the new fabric was on. I also bought new screws as the old ones were about stripped out.

I think the final product turned out pretty cute! It makes a great place for me to sit during bath time too!

Total Cost = $5.98 ($5 for the spray paint and .98 for the new screws.)

final destination
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