I gave zumba a try today.  They happen to offer it at McKenna’s dance studio at the same time she is in her class.  So I really had no excuse not to do it as I have to stay there anyway.  Although the thought of just sitting there and getting on Facebook on my phone is pretty tempting…or blogging on my phone like I’m doing now…or doing just about anything on my phone as opposed to physical activity.

I’m tired.  I was the only one there for most of the class today aside from the 28 pound weight that I had attached to me for part of the class (aka Averycakes). At the end the teacher asked me how I liked it.  I told her that I was pretty proud that I didn’t keel over and die and that’s when she said “Today we did 5 songs and I do 13 in a normal class.”

Perhaps I overestimated my physical fitness…

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