Princess Dining at Askershus Royal Dining Hall

After a fun morning at Epcot we headed back to the room to grab a little nap and don our finest princess attire (again).
We had reservations for dinner at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall that evening.  Shortly after we checked in with the hostess we were ushered into a room to have our photo taken with Belle.  When we met her at Cinderella’s Royal Table, she was dressed in her “village clothes” (blue dress with apron) but she was dressed for dinner with the Beast here.
The experience is similar to Cinderella’s Royal Table except Belle is the star of the show and it only uses 1 dining credit!  The appetizer is a self-serve taste of Norway with a selection of sliced meats, cheeses, salad and fruit.  (You order the main course and dessert from a menu.)  While we waited for the main course, each Princess came to the table and talked with us, took pictures and signed the girls’ autograph books.

The girls loved meeting all the Princesses again and decided to wear their own princess dresses again for the meal.  All of the children and Princesses do a parade through the restaurant at the end of the meal.

The food was wonderful!  We were a little skeptical about the Norwegian cuisine but had no complaints.  Chad is not really one for going out on a limb and trying new foods but he said the food was good.  He had the apple glazed pork chops and I had the mushroom-stuffed pasta.

All in all, we had a lovely evening and I would definitely recommend it especially if you don’t have two dining credits to spare for Cinderella’s Royal Table but still want to have a Princess Dining experience.  It was just as much fun and the food was equally good.

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