Another Christmas is behind me and I’m soaking up the last moments next to the Christmas tree.  I’m having an internal battle about how long it is socially acceptable to leave it up.  I always miss it when its gone. 


I love decorating it.

 Up close
I love going through the ornaments when I put them on.  I love remembering when I got it or who gave it to me.  My favorites are the ones with pictures of the girls in them or the ‘First Christmas’ ones.

little tree
I put up a 4 foot tree in the girls’ bedroom this year.  It’s the first year they have had a Christmas tree in their room and they loved the colored lights.

Here’s a wrap up of our yuletide festivities in pictures {mostly}.

Disney on ice
{We took in a Disney on Ice performance with M’s Girl Scout troop.  The girls loved it!  Even Avery sat on the edge of her seat the entire time!  And that is very unusual for her!}

{Our Christmas play at church.  McKenna was a sheep and an angel.  Avery was supposed to be the same but she slung a fit at the last minute and had to be escorted out by a bouncer her Dad.}

Yay Christmas!

{I think this picture pretty much sums up Christmas from the girls’ perspective.}

{McKenna and Avery both wanted a “Bab-bee Deam House” from Santa.  Since Santa knew my childhood Barbie Dream House was still in my parents’ attic he dropped by and picked it up in his sleigh and dropped it off at our house.}

{It wasn’t quite as fabulous as I remembered but the girls didn’t seem to notice or mind.  Especially since he also left them a sweet kitchen set.  I am in the market for some new Barbie house furniture if you see a good deal on any online!}

{A little Christmas day T-ball action in Granna’s front yard.  We may have to sign McKenna up for T-ball this spring.}

{You know what they say, “Boys and their toys…”}

{Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours!}

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