White Lake

I thought I would share a few of my favorite pictures from our trip to White Lake NC!

A few weeks ago my girls and I got to crash a family vacation that I’ve been crashing in one form or another for the last 15 years or so.  I say crashing because they’re not my family.  It’s my one of my oldest friends’ family but I’ve just been hanging around so long now that they have seem to have forgotten that I’m not actually related.  #minordetail

They go the same week every year and it seems like my girls start asking “When are we going back to White Lake?” two weeks after we get home and throughout the rest of the year.

There are always a slew of kids and they have a blast…

As luck would have it, the camera I took forgot to charge itself so the only pictures that I have from the weekend are from Instagram.

It was all good though.  We were too busy having a ball to take a lot of pictures anyway.

I got to try paddle boarding again and let me tell you I was SORE the next day. My legs felt like jelly. Even Averycakes got a little ride on the paddle board courtesy of a friend.

All in all, it was an awesome weekend and we can’t wait until next year!

Have you ever visited White Lake NC?  Check out our other visit here and here!

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