Buttering Up Teacher {Teacher Gift Idea & Free Printable}

We had lunch at the Apple Barn while we were in the mountains.  They have several gifts shops – one with canned goods and kitchen items, a Christmas Shop, Candy Store, Ice Creamery, Winery…you get the picture.  I picked up a couple of jars of Apple Butter to use as a first day of school teacher gift

You know…to butter up the teacher a little.  Pun intendedSorry I couldn’t help myself.  I thought it would be a cute spin on the whole teacher – apple thing.

I dressed up the jar a little with cupcake liners, ribbon and a little printable that I designed all by myself!  My first printable!!!  Are you as excited as I am?  No?  Ok.  Probably not.

Here’s what I used:

Plus my little printable (cut down to size and whole-punched).  I printed mine on white cardstock and wrote a little note to the teacher on the back.
I put the cupcake liner on top of the jar and tied the ribbon around the top to hold the cupcake liner in place.  This was the hardest part of the whole project.  I really needed another hand to hold the liner down while I tied.  But I managed.
Then I tied the ribbon to the printable.
How cute are they?!?  We are all ready for open house now!


Get your free printable of “I couldn’t pick a butter teacher” here!


The printable prints three to a page and is large enough to use even if you buy a large container of apple butter.  For smaller ones (like mine above) just trim away some of the stripes on the sides and across the top and bottom.  You could also cut around the oval and just use an oval tag.  The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Awww! Thank you! I'm glad you said that because my husband said I was "trying too hard" and I was starting to second guess myself. Thanks for stopping by!

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