Smitten with {May Books}

I am determined to be more organized and prepared for the upcoming school year.  Being organized isn’t one of my spiritual gifts so I’m always on the lookout for anything that will help me change my hot-mess ways.

I happened across a Groupon Deal for May Designs.

I had not heard of them before.  They make customized calendars, planners, notebooks and note cards.

They even make pregnancy journals.  One more thing that I can add to the list of “They didn’t have those when I was pregnant….”

I ordered an Academic Calendar which starts in August and runs through the following August.  Each month has two pages that show the calendar for that month.  Then the following pages show the month by week.  I’ve already gone through and written down all of the school start dates and penciled in vacations and such.  It’s the little things.  Maybe I can get stay on the organization train without getting redlighted.  (Sorry.  I just finished reading Water for Elephants…which I loved!  But that is another post.)

May Designs has a ton of really cute backgrounds to choose from as well as monogram styles, colors and fonts.

And to top it all off they are sewn together with a sewing machine!

After I finally settled on my favorite design this beauty arrived in my mailbox a little over a week later!  The card that came with it said it would break in and wear like your favorite pair of jeans.  I think that means that it won’t look exactly like this after a year on the Bay Bush.  I will let you know how it holds up.

So far, I am totally smitten and trying to think of a reason to order another one!

p.s.  {If you happen to be related to me and happen to have a birthday in August…you should NOT order a May Book for yourself.}

DISCLAIMER:  I was in no way compensated for this post.  May Designs has no idea who I am and has no clue about this post.  I ordered their product and I liked it.

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