Boo from the Bay Bush {2013 Edition)

We survived another Halloween!  It is not for the faint of heart and starts early on the Bay Bush.  And by early, I mean on Tuesday, two full days before Halloween with Avery’s preschool Halloween Party.  She went as Rapunzel and was too adorable.  I love kids in wigs.  Wigs are just awesome in general…especially the $6.97 Walmart variety.


Her class took a “field trip” walk to the local family owned grocery store.  I use the term field trip lightly because they had to walk all of 100 yards to get there.


In the grocery store, a member of the family that owns the store, held up different letters for the children to call out and then showed them something that began with that letter from the aisle.  And then gave them treats.


So then we made it to actual Halloween. 
I haven’t really mentioned this on the blog but I have some big news…


And on Halloween, I got to go with these two to the doctor to find out what they are having. 

It’s a BOY!!! We couldn’t be any more excited!  And how cute is Sister’s shirt?

I volunteered to bring the cupcakes for McKenna’s party and rushed to school for that and then rushed her back home and into to costume.  She wanted to be Ariel this year.

Then we made our trick or treating rounds.  When you live out in the country you can’t walk from house to house because you could walk for two miles and only get to 2 or 3 houses.  So we drive to visit different family members and then head to a community church Halloween Party.


Me & My Princesses

We take a lot of pictures.

What did we do before digital cameras?

We met up with my Aunt and her little girls at the party.


They had lots of trunk or treating and games.


 And when I drove into my yard at the end of the night this spooky ghost was sitting on my front porch.  I panicked for a minute and then realized that it was my husband (who missed our Halloween antics because he was working.)  He is truly a kid at heart.
 All in all, it was another great Halloween with my little Princesses!

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