Back to the Magic Kingdom {Disney Day 6}

I like to start and end trips to Disney with the Magic Kingdom.  At the end of the day, none of the other parks can compare to it and it’s a great way to kick start your vacation and go out with a bang!

We made it back to the Magic Kingdom early on Friday.  We happened upon Alice in Wonderland (with no wait time) and met her in quick order.

Then we made a bee line over to “The Ariel Ride!” as Avery had been referring to it for the last five days since we were in the Magic Kingdom begging to ride it again.

Magic Kingdom Ariel
Believe it or not, this girl was big enough to drive her own car on the Tomorrowland Speedway.  She graciously allowed me to ride shotgun.  (I fear the day when she gets her actual driving license if this ride was any indication of her driving abilities.)

But in her defense, these two hooligans were riding our bumper the whole time.

Magic Kingdom Cars
Then we waited about 35 minutes to meet Merida.  The last time we were at Disney (two years ago) we met Rapunzel in this very area.  Now Rapunzel has relocated to the Princess Fairy Tale Hall and Merida has moved in.  The girls got to shoot a bow after meeting Merida!

Rapunzel was the only princess we had yet to see on this trip so we headed over to the Princess Fairy Tale hall where we met the nicest lady who happened to have extra (paper) fastpasses.  She had enough for 5 people so she took us in with her to meet Rapunzel and Snow White.  This actually happened several times on the trip.  People would walk up to us and give us their extra fastpasses if they were leaving or didn’t have time to see the attraction.

I really wanted to eat at Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch and we were starving.  But the line was all the way across the bridge and wrapped around.  But we decided to wait anyway.  I was so glad that we did!   The interior of the restaurant is amazing!  We ordered on touch screen menus and paid with our Magic Armbands.  Then the screen told us to choose any table in the restaurant.  The main room was pretty full so we chose to sit in the (smaller) forbidden West Wing!
Be Our Guest Restaurant
McKenna had to have her picture made with the infamous wilting rose.
Be Our Guest Restaurant

Within five minutes of sitting down at the table, a cast member pushing a covered wooden cart showed up at our table with our food!  There were probably 300 people eating in the restaurant while we were there…how did they know where we were sitting???  I thought this was just the most amazing thing in the world and then Chad informed me that they tracked us through our Magic Armbands.  I’m not sure how the process works if you don’t have an armband…someone comment and tell me!

Here’s a larger picture of the West Wing dining room.

Be Our Guest
After another trip through Enchanted Tales with Belle, Chad was struggling.  He caught a virus while we were there and was quickly feeling worse and worse.  So we decided to head back to the hotel for a break. 
I must have been feeling pretty brave because the girls and I decided to head back to the Magic Kingdom around 5.  I mean, it was our last night and we still had a Fastpass to use!  I was really nervous because we had already lost Avery once on the first day when both parents were present and on our A game.  Now I was down a parent and was only representing with a solid C+ myself.
We used our last Fastpass+ on the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin ride.  The girls loved it.  Avery had a meltdown to ride it again after we got off.  Apparently we were all pretty mesmerized.

We also got to meet Buzz!

We scored a sweet spot for the fireworks on the ground under one of the trees.  No one was there yet because the trees obstruct your view if you’re standing.  But we could see great from the curbing and stroller level!

The fireworks are much louder behind the castle than in front.

 It took the girls and I at least 30 minutes to get back behind the castle after the fireworks.  It seemed like everyone in Orlando had congregated in front for the fireworks.  Next time I will just get an ice cream and wait until the crowd clears out rather than try squeeze through.

We popped into Gaston’s Tavern and split an (enormous) cinnamon roll while the girls took turns trying out Gaston’s chair.

Gaston's Tavern
After the sugar from the cinnamon roll and drink, the girls were feeling about as crazy as this picture looks.

We had just enough time left to ride “The Ariel Ride”, Peter Pan and the Carousel before it was closing time.  We stopped at the Confectionery on the way out and used up the rest of our snack credits (and then some) to get treats for the road.  I was pretty proud of myself for surviving the Magic Kingdom without any backup.
Sadly, the trip home the next morning was not nearly as much fun.  Poor Chad was so sick he slept most of the way (11 hours) home.  I got us home in one piece and we celebrated on Sunday with a trip to Urgent Care for McKenna, Chad and myself. 
Disney truly is the happiest and germiest place on Earth!
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