Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique & Cinderella’s Royal Table {Disney Day 1}

We hurried back to our hotel early in the afternoon on our first day in the park to change into our royal ball gowns and prepare for our fancy dinner with Cinderella and all her princess friends.

When we went to Disney before we treated McKenna to a visit to the Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique.  Miss Avery wasn’t old enough to go so we knew she would have to go this time around.  (You have to be three years old.)

My girls err on the girly girl side so they were in heaven!  They each had their own fairy godmother that styled their hair, put on their makeup and painted their nails.  First, they got to choose the hairstyle they wanted.  Avery picked the classic princess style that came with a tiara.

The look on Avery’s face when they spun her around to see her princess makeover in the mirror was priceless.  She was so excited.

McKenna chose the Popstar Princess style.  It wouldn’t have been my first choice but I let her go with it since she had been before and already had a tiara from our last visit.

She was happy and that was all that mattered.

Then we were all ready for our dinner at the castle.
Reservations at the castle are hard to come by unless you book them far ahead of time.  The only one we could get was at 8:15pm so we caught a few more rides until it was time for our reservations.  Same thing for the Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique.  We saw them turning away several people who did not have reservations because they were fully booked for the day.
We were ushered into the castle and met Cinderella before being seated upstairs in the restaurant.

We scored a table next to the window!
During dinner, four other princesses came through the dining room to each table.  They chatted with the girls, signed their autograph books and posed for pictures.

Near the end of dinner, all of the princesses gathered for the Wishing Ceremony.  Ariel came to our area of the dining room and the girls made wishes
After all this excitement Avery was out of her mind and exhausted.  We ended up with our own Sleeping Beauty right at the table.
It was a magical first day in the parks!

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