Downtown Disney & Disney Quest {Disney Day 3}

On our third day, we decided to explore Downtown Disney and also experience Disney Quest.

Why is she trying to smell Pooh’s armpit?
I’m not sure who was having more fun at the Lego Store at DT Disney. 
It started raining so we popped into the Harley Davidson store to look around until the rain cleared.
They look at little too comfortable up there, don’t they?
The rain cleared and we headed to Disney Quest.  It’s one of the “more” options in the “Water Parks and More” package.  If you’ve never been…think a 4 story arcade with virtual reality simulators.
It’s like the world’s largest arcade but all of the games are included with the price of admission.  So no quarters required! 

Getting in a little Fix It Felix Jr action.
And some quality time with Wreck It Ralph.

They have illustrator classes periodically throughout the day where you can learn to draw characters.

And sound booths where you can record your own song!  (You can also purchase your own copy of the song for an additional fee.)


 They have just about every arcade game ever conceived.  We play an intense 4-person air hockey game at a square air hockey table!

Avery and I enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean virtual reality simulator.

After 3 hours at Disney Quest we decided to get an early dinner at T Rex Café.  Since it was not quite 5 o’clock there was no wait at all and we were seated in 5 minutes.

This was our first time at T Rex Café but it definitely will not be our last.  I was worried that the girls would be afraid but they loved seeing the different rooms (which are each decorated like a different prehistoric era) and dinosaurs and the meteor showers.  T Rex Café accepts the Disney Dining Plan.  Everything was fantastic including the dessert.  We shared the Chocolate Extinction and the four of us barely at half of it.  It was like an out of body experience.

A few thoughts on our day…

  • I think my girls (ages 4 & 6) may have been a bit too young to appreciate Disney Quest.  As soon as we got back to the hotel they begged to go to the little arcade there.  I’m like – You just spent 3 hours in an arcade!  Also, there were a couple of attractions that Avery was not tall enough to experience.
  • There are a lot of open spaces at Disney Quest.  I would have felt better if the girls had been older and I could have let them explore a little more on their own without feeling like I needed to be hot on their trails every second.
  • There are two different bus stops at Downtown Disney.  If you are going to Disney Quest and want to save yourself some walking, get off at the Pleasure Island stop instead.
  • From what I’ve read, its really tough to get a reservation at T Rex Café.  However, they take walkups and have a dig site play area for kids to play while you wait.  There are also several stores nearby that you could explore while waiting for your table.
  • Don’t miss that Chocolate Extinction.  For real.
  • If the wait is too long, you might try Rainforest Café.  It’s the same concept just without the Dinosaurs.  They usually have a long wait time too though.

Have any other thoughts about Downtown Disney, Disney Quest or T Rex Café?  Feel free to post them in the comments!

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