Easter Egg Wreath

I’ve just gone Easter crazy around here.  I whipped up this little Easter Egg Wreath last weekend.  I’ve seen them on Pinterest and Etsy so they’re far from a new idea but I thought I’d share my little version.

I bought a pack of 42 eggs from Walmart and started hot gluing them to an extra Styrofoam wreath form that Mom had laying around.  I should have bought more eggs because I didn’t have quite enough to finish it and had to steal from the girls’ stash of eggs from last year and the colors weren’t exactly the same. #firstworldprobs

I tried to space out the colors evenly and made sure all the eggs were going in the same direction.

When the wreath was about 80% full I added a bow by looping different ribbon and hot-gluing them to the Styrofoam.  This was almost an epic fail because the hot glue melted the mesh.  I managed to salvage it and stapled the mesh and used the hot glue on the rest of the ribbon.

I finagled the polka dot ribbon a little since the ribbon was only printed on one side.

I just used whatever ribbon I had on hand as long as the colors matched the eggs.


I found a couple of carrot shaped Easter eggs in the girls basket from last year and added them on top of the ribbon to cover up the hot glue.

And here she is all done and chilling on the front door!

Easter Egg Wreath

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