Our Many Colored Days

My little sweetie pie was in her first school play last week.  It was an adaptation of Dr. Suess’ Our Many Colored Days and included all the first grade students in her school.

Can you imagine putting together a show of 120 first graders?

I have a cold chill just thinking about it.  But I digress.

McKenna was in the blue group and was the fanciest Blue Bird you ever did see! (She’s the one on the left facing the camera.)

Theatre is right up her alley and she is so much like her Mama I know exactly where she got it.

Here is a picture of her class after the show.  The boys were red cowboys and the girls were blue birds.

My little blue bird is fourth from the left.

All of the kids did a great job!  I wish I had more pictures of all of the different colors to share!

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