Zoo Trip

We found ourselves less than 30 minutes from the zoo recently and decided to change our plans a little so we could visit.  This was the girls’ second trip.  Our last visit was almost three years ago so McKenna barely remembered the trip and Avery had no recollection of it at all.
We started out in the Africa section.
This rare species of Monkey is native to the Bay Bush. 

I neglected to bring a stroller of any sort so I rented a Double from the zoo for $10.  That sounds like a steal compared to the stroller rentals at Disney!  The hard part about the stroller was pushing it.  A lot of the terrain at the zoo is uphill and steep.  I’m not exactly at my fighting weight or condition so my brother in law got stuck with most of the pushing. #uncleprobs

We were pretty excited to be there for my nephew’s first trip to the zoo too!  He, however, was unimpressed and spent the majority of his time sleeping and guarding the camera.

Go ahead.  Make my day.

A little family photo-op
The flamingos freaked me out.  See the one at the bottom of the picture?  It is sitting on its’ knees.  I didn’t realize they were double jointed like that and it kind of made me want to vomit.
NC Zoo

Much to Sister’s dismay it was National Bird Day so they several tables set up with educational activities relating to our feathered friends.  See Sister standing way over there with the baby?  She hates birds. Hates them.

NC Zoo
We took a little break on the Tram ride over to the North America side. By this time it was getting pretty hot outside.

We saw the new Polar Bear exhibit…

Polar Bears NC Zoo

and squeezed in a little time on the playground…

and then we kicked it back to the Bluegrass Festival before the heat overtook us all!

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