Stop Hunger Now

Have you ever heard of Stop Hunger Now?

I had not until the girls and I attended a Youth Conference a few weeks ago for all the children that attend the same denomination church conference that we do.  Each year they have a service project that the children work on over the weekend and this year’s project was Stop Hunger Now.

Stop Hunger Now is a non-profit organization that has distributed over 147 million meals to children and families in 65 countries.

The table was set up for a lot of little volunteers when we arrived and we all set out about the task of sanitizing our hands and donning our lovely hairnets.

I would love to say that she’s so sad just thinking about childhood hunger but she was actually sulking because she was assigned to be a “packer” and not filling the bags with food.

The kids around my funnel helped fill the bag with 1 cup of soy protein, 1 tablespoon of dehydrated vegetables, a packet of seasonings which includes 21 vitamins and minerals and 1 cup of rice. #ricegoeslast  The meals are cooked into a thick soup-like mixture.

Once we got started, the process went pretty quickly.  The “Cherubs” (age 8 and under) packaged over 1,000 meals in a little over 30 minutes!  All the groups together packaged over 10,000 meals that day!

Once the bags were full, they were sealed and packaged into boxes to be shipped to other countries.  All of the meals we packaged were destined for schools and orphanages in Africa and Haiti.

And here’s a little picture of the Cherubs with the meals they prepared and packaged.  Do you see my little silly pot making faces in the middle?

If your church or civic organization is looking for service project or charity to support, this is a great one! They come to you and provide all of the supplies and people to show you how the process works. Each meal costs $.29 and you provide the volunteers to package the food and the cost of the number of meals you are packaging. On their website, they indicate that you can package meals with between 25 and 500 volunteers.

More information is available on their website at Stop Hunger Now and you can also follow them on Instagram here!

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