First Day of School {2nd Grade}

We have survived a full week of school.  It hasn’t been pretty and there was one day we flirted with getting a tardy but managed to get to school on time.

We kicked the first day off with our annual Back to School Breakfast.

Back to School Breakfast
The “runner” is wrapping paper from the OneSpot at Target along with the marker board that looks like a sheet of paper.  I had everything else around the house already.
We dined on McKenna’s favorite Cinnamon Rolls.

These girls are growing up entirely too fast.  It seems like McKenna just started Kindergarten and she’s already in 2nd grade!  And my little Avery will start her last year of preschool next week.

We took our Back to School pictures on the porch really quick.  Daddy was totally rushing us at this point and I didn’t get very many.

She wouldn’t let me take my big camera into her classroom.  But she did ask if I would hold her hand on the way into the school.  I don’t know if it made her feel but it made her Mama feel a lot better.

I did manage to get this one on my phone of her at her desk.

This is my 3rd time leaving her at school for the first day…and it’s still hard.  Part of me wants to snatch her back out, take her home and lock her in a tower until she’s 35.  But I always talk myself out of it.  It wouldn’t be fair to her even though it would make me feel a lot better.

So far she loves school and even got up on her own this morning.  That has NEVER happened before.  So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it continues and she has another great year!

And that, my friends, was our first day of second grade!

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