Here’s a lot of what we’ve been up to lately.

I have a serious crush on sweet potato vines after I saw these gorgeous flowers in the mountains.  I even bought one to add to my planter at the side door!  Sadly, it is infested with some sort of gnat like bug…I’m not sure what to do about that.  I keep hoping they’ll just go away.  That could happen, right?

We’ve been enjoying lots of fresh fruits and vegetables this summer. This is me hard at work snapping string beans on the front porch. I feel like I officially earned my Southerner card that day.
And then Miss Avery lost her Southerner card when she insisted on taking her purse fishing and begged for hand sanitizer the whole time. She cracks me up.
And this little girl had the NERVE to chase me with a worm! That would be me you hear squealing at the end.
I’m not sure if I’m in back to school panic mode or nesting (without the baby) or am just plan losing my mind but I have been cleaning out and reorganizing like a mad woman. I spent my Saturday night cleaning out the pantry.  #ohtheglamour

I finished this book a couple of months ago but I don’t think I ever shared it up here on the blog. I found it at the library but went ahead and bought another book by the same author to read next. It was that good!

And that’s what we’ve been up to. Aside from the cleaning and organizing, I’m in complete denial that school starts back in less than 3 weeks!!!

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