Pretty Little Planner

I’m trying to get my life organized before school starts back.  I needed a new planner and loved the colors of this one I found at Target for $5.99.  It had a clear plastic cover which should be more durable than my May Book.

I really loved my May Book that I used last year but after 5 months of hard time in my purse, it started to look a little frayed.  No offense to May Books because I really loved the planner.  Traveling around in my purse with 50 little toys, a tangled mess of receipts and who knows what else is probably a rougher life than it was intended to have.

I really wanted a monogram on it but thought I could add one.  I ordered a 2 inch vinyl monogram in hot pink for the front off of Etsy.  I applied the vinyl monogram to the inside of the cover without considering how busy the greek key design was and that even hot pink wouldn’t really show up on it. Bad idea #1.

I decided to pull the monogram back off and put it on white paper.  Bad idea #2.  It was a tangled hot mess.
I thought about ordering another monogram and trying again but I really just wanted to finish this little project.  That’s when I found Printable Monogram.  It has a ton of templates that you can download and print your own monogram…
the best part is…
wait for it…
ALL FOR FREE!!!  Just about every monogram design you can think of is up there.  You should really check it out if you haven’t already!
To get the right size, I used the note card size and printed them on shipping labels that I already had.  To get the monogram, I printed the note cards and then used that as a guide for positioning the shipping label on the paper.

Once I printed on the shipping labels I just cut inside of the pink lines for my monogram.

Since I printed on a shipping label, it stuck right to the planner.

I’ve already gone through and added all the birthdays and school calendar dates so I should be ready to roll!  I love the way it turned out!!!

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