Mother Daughter Tea Party and Health Fair

Mother Daughter Tea Party

We had a little Mother Daughter Tea Party at church a couple of weeks ago.  (I am really behind on posting.)

Sister volunteered me to decorate a table.  She said it “seemed like something [I] would like.”  She knows me so well.

I drug out all my fine china, packed it up and transported it to our fellowship hall the night before the Tea Party to set up.  Each table was decorated by a different person, using their personal china, flatware and stemware.

Tea Party
I’ve had this china almost 10 years and this is only the second time I’ve used it!  That is such a shame!  I’m resolving to use it at least once a year from now on.  It’s (affiliate link) Parchment by Mikasa in case you are interested!
Tea Party


These girls were so excited to dress up and go to a “real” Tea Party.  The ones they’ve been to thus far have been on the floor in the living room with water in their little play tea set.
Mother Daughter Tea Party
Young and old alike donned their finest Tea Party attire. This picture of one of the teenagers at our church was too cute not to share.
And this girl slays me.

We were excited to have Granna at our table too!

We had a great afternoon at our Tea Party and learned a lot about Women’s Health issues.

I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of the food table!  We had the best little cucumber sandwiches, lemon squares and miniature pecan pies.  That’s my kind of snacking but the girls would have been happier with macaroni and cheese.  McKenna leaned over a whispered in my ear, “Are we going to have any real food?”


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