Magic Kingdom {Vacay Day 4}

Disney's Magic Kingdom Day

I thought I’d try to continue on with our Vacation recap.  As I mentioned at the end of the last post, I spent the better part of the third day at Urgent Care watching HGTV and begging for an antibiotic.   We spent the rest of the day resting and relaxing.  But on Day 4 we were back at Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

I only bought 2 day park tickets and had planned to do one day at Epcot and one day at the Magic Kingdom.  But the Magic Kingdom was so crowded on the first day we were there I felt like our time would be better spent back at the Magic Kingdom again.

We hit the right side of the park first…Buzz Lightyear was up first…we take our alien shooting seriously…

Disney's Magic Kingdom Buzz Lightyear ride
And then we needed a popsicle break…and Avery had a meltdown.
Disney's Magic Kingdom - Popscicle Break
She doesn’t handle it very well if you don’t do exactly what she wants to do when she wants to do it.
But a shoulder ride seemed to get her back under control…


Disney's Magic Kingdom - Tomorrow Land

We rode the Carousel of Progress…this was Chad and the girls’ first time and my first time in about 25 years.  I was surprised that they actually enjoyed it!  I even caught Avery singing the theme song the other day out of the blue…”it’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…”

Disney's Magic Kingdom - Carousel of Progress


Disney's Magic Kingdom - Carousel of Progress Ride


Disney's Magic Kingdom COP Ride

Then we took a ride on the people mover…this is probably as close as McKenna will ever get to Space Mountain.

Disney's magic Kingdom - People Mover

Since we were going to be there all day I wanted something good for lunch.  I checked the My Disney Experience App on my phone and made a reservation at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant for the four of us.  It is a full service restaurant that is modeled after the Italian restaurant from Lady and the Tramp.

Disney's Magic Kingdom - Tony's Town Square

The reviews are mixed about it on TripAdvisor but we thought the food was good and the service was great.  I had the spaghetti and meatballs…I mean, at the restaurant from Lady and the Tramp…how could I not?

Disney's Magic Kingdom - Tony's Town Square Restaurant
This picture cracks me up.  Not sure exactly what was happening at that moment but it was probably something like…”Daddy, I want to come back to the Magic Kingdom every weekend…”
Tony’s is not a character dining experience but we had a good time and enjoyed sitting down and resting for a while.


Disney's Magic Kingdom - Dining at Tony's Town Square

When we left Tony’s Mary Poppins was right outside so we hopped in line and met her and Mr. Penguin.

Disney's Magic Kingdom - Meeting Mary Poppins

We headed toward the left side of the park and hit up Aladdin’s Magic Carpet…

Disney's Magic Kingdom Day

Climbed through the Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree house…

Disney's Magic Kingdom - Treehouse

And sailed on the Jungle Cruise (still decorated for Christmas)…

Disney's Magic Kingdom - Jingle Cruise

While we were waiting to meet Woody and Jessie, McKenna made her first ever pin trade.  Santa brought each of the girls a starter set with a lanyard and pins to trade.  We forgot to bring them to the park on the first day in the Magic Kingdom so she was excited to finally trade.

Disney's Magic Kingdom Pin Trading


Disney's Magic Kingdom Woody and Jessie

After we met Woody, we got in line to ride the train around to the other side of the park.  When we were about to board the train, Avery announced that she wanted the pin she had traded back.  We were too close to getting on the train to get back out of line (not to mention Chad had to fold the stroller up and carry it up all those stairs just to get it up there).  So we told her we would look for another one…still haven’t found one…but maybe next time.

I felt pretty bad about it after I couldn’t find another pin like the one she had.  I guess she may have been a little too small to really understand the whole pin trading concept.  But McKenna was happy with her trade and Avery has only mentioned the pin she lost once since we’ve been back home.

We had Fastpasses for Enchanted Tales with Belle again.  This time McKenna was Maurice and Avery was a saucer.

Disney's Magic Kingdom Enchanted Tales with Belle


Disney's Magic Kingdom Belle


Disney's Magic Kingdom Meeting Belle

And we used our last Fastpass of the day to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel at Princess Fairy Tale Hall…because a trip to the Magic Kingdom just isn’t complete if you don’t meet Cinderella.

Disney's Magic Kingdom Meeting Cinderella


Disney's Magic Kingdom Meeting Rapunzel

We picked up a few snacks at the Confectionery on the way out and headed back to the house!  It was a long but fun day in the Magic Kingdom!

Tips for visiting Disney’s Magic Kingdom:

  • Make dining reservations as soon as you know you are going.  You can make them up to 180 days in advance.  The most popular restaurants and times go then.  However, we got a reservation for Tony’s Town Square on the same day as our visit.
  • Make use of your fast passes!  Schedule them for late morning – early afternoon if possible.  Most people don’t make it for rope drop and that is when the wait times are shortest.  So you don’t really need fastpasses during that time.
  • Fastpasses go fast too!  If you are staying on site, you can choose fast passes 2 months ahead of time.  Off site can choose 1 month ahead.
  • Not sure which rides to choose for the fast passes?   Download the Disney app and see what the wait times are like for the rides you want to ride the most.  Try to get a fastpass for the ones with the longest wait times…typically the rollercoasters, splash mountain, peter pan.  I have used fastpasses for parades and thought it was a great alternative to staking out your spot an hour ahead of time.
  • See all my Disney Tips and Favorites by clicking here!

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