Maternity Leave & Makeovers

I was tempted to title this post “I’m back!” but if I had a dollar for every post on the Bay Bush entitled “I’m back”…then I’d have enough money for a Big Mac Meal.

So Maternity Leave and Makeovers it is!

I’ve been busy with my three little sweethearts.

And boy do they know how to keep me busy!  So I’ve been enjoying an extended leave from the blog to take care of these three.  But I’m going to try it again and see if I can fit it into my schedule on the regular.

And…the Bay Bush has had a makeover!  Did you notice?  I’m still playing with the design a little but I love it so far!

Now – who’s watching the Series Finale of Downton tonight? I’m beside myself with anticipation and I’ve been watching the Downton Abbey marathon on PBS all afternoon.  I’m so sad for it to end.  I need a new series to take its place.  Any suggestions?

And in honor of the series finale…I’m just going to leave these right here.





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