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We’re just getting settled into summer but I know it will be time to go back to school in no time!  Packing lunch boxes every morning is my least favorite part of the day.  I think it’s because I don’t have a good system in place. I constantly walk back and forth between the refrigerator, pantry and cabinets.  It’s a huge time waster!

How to Create a Lunchbox Drawer to save loads of time in the morning! A great project to get ready for Back to School!

I took about an hour last weekend to clean out a drawer in my kitchen and organize it specifically for all the things that go into a lunchbox outside of the fridge.

There was a junk drawer in my kitchen that held an assortment of appliance manuals, dvd players and chargers.  While I do need a good place to store those items, I was wasting valuable kitchen real estate storage.  This picture is pretty embarrassing!

junk drawer

Once the drawer was empty, I gave it a good cleaning with a wet paper towel.

empty drawer

Next I grabbed a few storage bins I had leftover in my pantry from other projects.  Most of these came from the Dollar Tree.  I also pulled all the lunchbox storage containers out of my other cabinets. They were stored throughout the kitchen in no particular place or order.

Great tutorial to organize all those supplies you use to pack lunch boxes every morning. I can't wait to try this!

I put all the containers and bins in the drawer like putting together a puzzle. My goal was to fit as much in as possible without any gaps that would cause the loose containers to slide around when you open/close the drawer.

I hope this new system will save me at least five minutes every morning by putting all of the lunchbox supplies in one place.  I’m in no rush to try it out though.  I’m already dreading the kids going back to school!

Organizing Lunch Box Stuff

How do you keep all of your lunch box gear organized?

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