Breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant

On our last trip to Disney I managed to snag a last minute breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest. You can check out our visit at lunch here.

The reservation was before the park even opened!  If you’ve never done this before (like me) there is a roped off area at the side of the main entrance where they check your reservation and let you into the park using your arm band or ticket.  It was so fun to walk down Main Street with no one there!  It was still really cold though and getting our crew there that early was a JOB!
We paused for a few photos. Don’t you love my stroller-pusher? She helped pushing the stroller a ton on this trip!

This is what Fantasyland looks like without 100,000 people, y’all!

empty fantasyland

I love Be Our Guest because you can get the fun dining experience of eating in the Beast’s Castle for the cost of a quick service meal or credit at breakfast at lunch. I’ve never scored a dinner reservation here so I’m not sure how it compares to Dinner (which is table service).

Photo Credit - Walt Disney World
Photo Credit – Walt Disney World

I ordered the Croissant Doughnut. It was extremely tasty! I love sweets so this was perfection at breakfast time for me.

The server brought a tray of muffins, croissants and danishes for the table with the meals.  The girls each got one of the kids meals but I don’t recall which one.  That’s the downside of blogging about something six months after it happened.  It must have been good because their plates are clean.
Chad ordered the open-faced bacon and egg sandwich. It wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. I think he expected something like the bacon and egg sandwich he gets at the little grill at home most mornings. This was a little more “fru-fru” than what he likes.
open-faced-bacon-and-egg-be-out-guestThanks for being patient with me as I update the Disney archives, y’all!  I just got back from a trip to the Smokey Mountains so I’ll be sharing those next followed by an exciting project that I’m collaborating on with two amazing bloggers!  Stay tuned!

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