Organizing the Junk Drawer

Check out this organized junk drawer! Its so much better than the before version!

Gah.  Do you have one?  A drawer that raises your blood pressure every time you open it?  Our junk drawer was out of control!  I could never find anything in it even though it was filled with all the things.

And clearly, by sharing this, I have no shame.  It was a struggle to even shut the drawer most of the time.

Check out what a little organization and an hour can do for this junk drawer at Life on the Bay Bush

See what I mean?

January always makes me want to organize everything in sight.  I have to get as much done as possible before the mood wears off.

I highly recommend having a sweet helper to entertain you during the project!

The first thing I like to do in any organization project is make things 100 times worse by dragging everything out.  Then there’s no turning back! I completely emptied the drawer to start fresh (and destroyed my kitchen).

To start any organization project I like to completely empty the space. Check out the finished drawer at Life on the Bay Bush.

Once I had a clean space, I added several drawer containers that I found as a set at Sam’s Club.

This set cost less than $20 and I still have three containers left for another project.  I also used a small office supply holder and little basket that I already in the drawer.

My goals for this drawer were to hold office supplies and the essentials for paying bills and corral all the other random kitchen stuff I need…spare keys, birthday candles, memory cards, Chapstick, batteries…you get the idea.

Check out this organized junk drawer! Its so much better than the before version!

I love this organized version of the junk drawer!  And no more crazy blood pressure spikes when I look for an ink pen!  I’m going to do my best to keep it this way.


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