Smitten {Summer Edition}

I can’t believe I just typed “summer!”  We have been busy as little bees attending lots of year end activities and I’m sooo looking forward to summer saving us from that dreaded morning routine!  With all that in mind I thought I would share another edition of Smitten with you guys and all the things I’m loving as we break into summer time! (This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)

First of all, thank you so much for all of your prayers and shares on my last post.  Our little community has rallied around Allison and her family and continues to surround her in prayer.  And that is my most favorite thing in this post!  We know God is already working on her miracle.  So thank you for being a part of that!  Here is a link to her YouCaring page so that you can follow her progress.  And please continue to pray!

And now for the nonsense…

Roku  – Maybe I’m tardy to the party here.  I’ve mentioned before that we don’t have satellite or cable television.  We live too far out for cable (and DSL) and we’ve never bitten the bullet on satellite.  Honestly, the only thing I’ve missed over the years is not having HGTV and a few Carolina games that were only on ESPN or TBS.  I had to invest in a better internet service because of my new job and decided to also invest in a Roku.  I bought it on Amazon and it has been amazing!  It was only $30 (not per month…like $30 one time).  If you’re not familiar with them, it basically allows your TV to get online so that you can download content.  We have Amazon Prime and there are tons of free movies and TV shows you can watch at anytime.  I did break down and join Netflix which was $10 per month.  The baby loves the PBS Kids app too!  The only down side is the more you watch it, the more data you use.  #dataprobs

The Dressmaker – This is sort of a continuation of the Roku.  I watched the Dressmaker on Amazon Prime.  It was such a wonderful film.  Chad says I like weird stuff (although he didn’t see this movie) but he likes Super Hero movies so his opinion is sort of beside the point on this one.  Fair warning – you will ugly cry.

Reusable K-Cups – My love for coffee is no secret.  I got a Keurig for Christmas and I love it.  I’m the only coffee drinker in the house so I was always making way more than I should drink.  And then I would drink it anyway.  My only complaint is that those little coffee pods are kind of expensive unless you catch them on sale.  Then my cousin told me about this little reusable pod that lets you use regular coffee in the Keurig!  It works great although you do have to take a moment to rinse it out as opposed to tossing the pod in the trash.  Make sure you buy the correct size for your model Keurig.  I had to take my first one back because it was too big.

Peonies – I love these pretty flowers!  This one came from Sam’s Club and had 4 roots.  I think it was around $13 or $14.  I planted them a little late for our area so I’m not sure when they will come up.  And I may have planted them upside downwards…  If they come up at all I will consider it a win even if they don’t flower this year.  The root looked like a piece of driftwood instead of a bulb.  #amateurgardener

Maybe Joanna will take me under her wing and gives me some tips.  That leads me to my next favorite thing…

The Magnolia Story – I really loved this book!  I don’t read a lot of non-fiction but this one had me hooked from page 1.  It was very inspirational.  If you’ve ever struggled with whether you are “where” you are supposed to be in life, I think you will like it.  And both Chip and Jo write in the book so the same sweet banter you see in the show is in the book too.  It’s interesting to read both of their views on the same situation.

NUK Magic 360 –  Sister gave me one of these NUK Magic 360 sippy cups and it is awesome!  The child can hold it and drink out of it like a cup but the lid keeps anything from coming out unless the child sucks on the edge a little.  The design is so smart!  And it comes apart really easily so it’s really easy to clean and put back together.  I’m hooked on these.  Miranda has the pink version.

Those are a few of the things I’m smitten with for summer!  We’re already brainstorming for our summer bucket list! What are you doing this summer?


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