Merry Christmas Update

A very MERRY CHRISTMAS was had by all on the Bay Bush! I hope it was the same in your neck of the woods!

McKenna loved her vet care station and there was no mention of a trampoline so all was well. She came into our bedroom screaming on Christmas morning, “Santa brought my barbie pet center!! Come look!! Come look!!” Miss Averycakes was a little bewildered by the whole process but took it all in in stride and loved her toys too. We did have a funny moment with her at my in-laws on Christmas Eve. They had a big bag of clothes for each of the girls. McKenna was more interested in the toys and pretty much dumped her clothes out and said thank you. So I just started going through Avery’s. Avery came over and squealed “ooh” and “ahh” as I took her’s out of the bag. I thought it was cute that she was more interested in the clothes than McKenna.

Mom and McKenna took the kitchen set, coats and other toys to the two little girls that I mentioned before Christmas on Christmas Eve. (I wish I could have gone too but they were not home earlier in the day and I had to get to my in-laws house.) My Mom said that seeing them open the gifts was priceless. They had a little 3 foot tree in their front room with no presents under it. So I don’t know if they got anything else for Christmas or not. Mom said the older little girl was most excited about her coat. She said her other coat the sleeves were 1/2 way between her wrist and elbow. If I had known she didn’t have a coat that fit I would have gotten her one way before now. So I feel good about spreading the Christmas cheer but sad at the same time when I think about how many other kids there may have been out there that didn’t get anything or don’t have a coat that fits.

On another note and a complete shift of gears…we got 3-4 inches of snow on the day after Christmas. McKenna loved it! Avery wasn’t too sure about it (probably due to the fact that she was super tired and the boots she had on were 3 sizes too big.) Angela came over on the gator and pulled us around on the ski bob that we had for the boat. (Not the safest of practices, but we went really slow.)

And to top it all off, I went to the doctor today and found out I have strep throat. Mom went on Sunday with the same. The doctor also said I have a sinus infection coming too so hopefully the antibiotic will take care of both.

I try to post some pictures of our festivities at some point. I can’t seem to locate my camera at the moment (ok, for the last 2 days but I know its around here somewhere).

If I don’t post before the new year…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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