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It’s been a busy busy week. The weeks are going by so fast! I guess I notice it more now that McKenna is in dance. It seems like everytime I turn around it is time to get her dance bag ready again for the next day. You would think a week would be ample time to wash a leotard and tights but I seem to find myself either washing it on Sunday night or buying a new one before class on Monday. (We are up to 4 leotards now.)

Anyway, I’m trying to get my act together for Christmas. Its 1 am and this is what I am up to…

and this is only the beginning.

I’ve also been cooking up this…”Cranberry Pineapple Salad”www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/cranberry-pineapple-gelatin-salad-recipe/index.html
one batch for our holiday party at work today and then another batch for Christmas with my Mom’s family tomorrow night. I LOVE cream cheese and it is pretty cheesy.

Chad and I had to make a run to Toys R Us tonight for one of these…

McKenna has decided she wanted this instead of a trampoline. I wasn’t really too bummed because its about $200 cheaper, 200 lbs lighter and she can play with it inside instead of in the 20 degree weather. I just have a lingering fear that she will forget on Christmas morning that she told Santa to bring the vet care center instead of the trampoline..

So with the money that we saved by not buying a trampoline I decided to do some shopping for 2 little girls that otherwise might not get that much for Christmas. They lived in the house in front of our new house that we are tearing down and have moved to another house not far away. (So this is partially because I feel a little guilty that they had to move but we have also done this in prior years.) I found a pretty cute kitchen set for them and went ahead and ordered it. Hopefully it will come in on Tuesday or Wednesday to give me plenty of time to put it together and deliver it (the reviews said it is pretty time consuming to put together). They are 6 and 3 so I think they will get a lot of playtime mileage out of it. I also want to try to pick up a warm coat for both of them. My Mom and Sister are also going to pick up a few outfits and toys as well for each. We’re doing what we can to spread a little Christmas Cheer!

And last but not least, I got most of my Christmas cards out today! I still have a few that I need to address by hand because they didn’t make it in the mail merge but hopefully the worst is behind me.

But most importantly, with all the gift buying, wrapping, card making, cookie baking, its easy to get distracted and forget about the real reason for the season…a precious baby boy. So when the stress of who to buy for and how much to spend gets to be too much…remember, it is all trivial compared to the gift God gave to us.


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  1. sounds yummy! did you ever see paula's krispie kreme bread pudding? i am sure it is a heart attack waiting to happen but it looked delicious!
    Bella asked santa for an expensive toy story chair this year….we ended up finding one that was a lot less —hopefully she will be satisfied with it. – Merry Christmas! ~MC

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