Well, things have been busy busy on the Bay Bush. I had a great time shopping in Myrtle Beach. The girls and I got there about 5 minutes before midnight. Of course, they were both fast asleep. There was no parking at the outlets so my Mom came out to the car and switched with me and took the girls back to the Camper.

Some lowlights and highlights from the night:

1. LOW- waiting 2 hours to check out in line at Gymboree Outlet.
2. LOW- shopping all night with a broken toe in flip flops
3. HIGH- Got the TV I wanted from Walmart!
4. LOW- Did not get the trampoline even though they had one left. Sadly, it wouldn’t fit in my car after I put the enormous tv in there.
5. LOW- SEARS is dumb! The dryer that matches my washing machine was one of the door buster deals. However, you also had to buy the washer. You could get both for $600 or just the dryer for $700?!! Now, do I look stupid? I would have bought both and just resold the washer on craigslist but I also didn’t have room for a washer and a dryer in my car. So I got neither. I still need a dryer.
6. HIGH- KRISPY CREME – On our way back to the Camper at 6:45 we stopped by the Hot Now sign and got a dozen donuts and coffee…need I say more??
7. HIGH- Was one of the first 250 people in line at Belks and got a free gift card. Sadly, gift card was only for $5 but Sister gave me hers so I ended up with $10. Which I used to buy some pretty cute boots.
8. HIGH- Got a lot of good stuff for my babies, my family and myself 🙂 at least 50% off. And if you know me, you know I don’t buy anything unless it is on sale.

So that’s my shopping trip in a nutshell!

We did take a few moments away from shopping to go on the beach. The weather was really beautiful. Here are some of the pictures that I took. Sister got a bunch more on her fancy camera. But she has yet to email them to me. McKenna LOVED going on the beach and wanted to go everyday.

Miss Avery cakes wasn’t crazy about getting her feet in the sand.

And here is Miss McKenna. Notice she is writing her name in the sand! So sweet!!

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