Straight haired girls, they all want curls!

After a lot of thinking, deliberating, pondering…I decided to get a perm. Yes, you read correctly…a PERM. I know. It makes you think back to the horrific perm you got in middle school that you’d like to forget. But I really want to do something different with my hair, so I called and made the appointment. It was this past Friday and well…

Basically, my hair stylist refused. Instead, she did a treatment on my hair and cut off about 4 inches. She also taught me how to curl it with the flat iron. Or so I thought until I actually tried to do it and realized that I am hair-incompetent. After about 10 minutes of trying to get it curled I resort back to the good old hot rollers. As you can see, there is little curl even after rolling it.

Notice Avery’s back eye. Poor thing pulled a stocking hanging from the mantle at my Aunt’s house and the metal stocking holder hit her right in the face. It is looking better now though. (If you are on my Christmas card list you will probably notice that I edited her black eye out. – No need to have it documented in the Christmas card 🙂

On the Christmas front, we have finally got our tree and inside and outside decortations up. I feel the need to acknowledge that I could not have gotten it done without my Mother-in-law who went to my old house and got the tree and set it up for me and Angela and Jason who went with me to the old house to load up all my Christmas decorations (or as much as two cars could hold anyway.)

That is what we are up to! I still have a lot of shopping to do! Here’s hoping your list is made and checked twice!

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