Pajama Party!

So I have a little confession. I am a big scardy cat. I don’t like to stay home by myself. I am an expert at not doing so. So when my husband informed that he was leaving to go on a hunting trip “tomorrow” (Thursday) I didn’t immediately freak out because my Mom and my Sister live so close. (I would be so SOL without them and I over-rely on them – another confession.) The freakout started when Mom and Annya would be in Charleston and I would have to *GASP* spend the night alone in my house with 2 kids.
This will be the first time ever in the new house. But, to be honest, I don’t think I ever stayed in our old house by myself either. It’s just so much easier to load the kids up and go to my Mom’s and she and Annya watch them and I can kick back and watch some HGTV. (Another confession – there is no HGTV at my house since we don’t have satellite.)
So this leads me to tonight. Annya got back from Charleston around 10 and we are having a sleepover!! The girls’ sleep schedule is so messed up right now surely it won’t hurt that it is 11:15 and they’re still awake or that they both got up at 4:30am and didn’t go back to sleep all day until 6:30pm on the drive home. That is probably unusal for a 3 year old but surely unheard of for a 1 year old.

So its girls night in over here!

Also, I have discovered a website that I am obsessed with after only 1 day. It’s If you like interior design, you will LOVE it. But to confess a little more…I am easily obsessed with things.

Not a lot else to report. Mom and I are going to venture out with the kids tomorrow to try to find some fabric for the curtains in the living room, dining room…well, all rooms I guess since there are no curtains at any window in the entire house.

And lastly…CONGRATULATIONS to my former roomie from my college days who found out that she is going to be a Mommy again…TO TWINS!! Can’t wait to find out what they are!!!

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