Haircuts, Carosels & Such…

Ok, I feel like I jumped the gun a bit with the title of the last post being “Chaos on the Bay Bush.” Things have only gotten more chaotic but I feel like to call this post Chaos on the Bay Bush would be a little redundant.

For starters, two Sundays ago, McKenna decided she needed a makeover. So while Chad and I were in the kitchen, she went into the living room and proceeded to wack off her hair. It was chin length on the sides and long in the back (not to mention the little pony tail I had pulled to the side on top of her hair was chopped off about 3 inches from the pony tail holder. I was completely dumbfounded. She was so proud of herself. I couldn’t even fuss at her because she was so proud of herself. She said, “Mom, if I didn’t cut it, it was only going to get longer!” She then proceeded to tell me, “I’m going to look so beautiful for haircut day tomorrow.” The jury is still out as to what exactly haircut day is.

And here is the “after” shot after Mrs. Rina worked her magic on it. She looks really cute. But she isn’t a baby anymore. She looks like a little girl.

This past weekend we also went to a festival in Newport. Avery and McKenna got to ride the carosel. They both loved it once it started but Avery was quite squirmy until it did.

I am going to be a better blogger after April 18th!

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