Chaos on the Bay Bush

Well…things have been chaos as usual on the Bay Bush. McKenna is better from her virus but Miss Avery just couldn’t quite kick it. I took her to the doctor on Tuesday only to find out she has a sinus infection. First of many, I’m afraid, if she takes after her Mama. The antibiotic has helped quite a bit. Both Mom and Angela are sick with a virus. (Angela happens to be in Alabama playing photographer for a wedding at the moment which makes the situation even worse.) The bad part for me was when I realized I had no one to keep them today so that I could go into the office. I usually go in between 6 and 7 on Saturdays so I can leave early and not miss as much of the girls day since they will sleep til 8:30 or so on Saturdays. Today Chad and I compromised. He went to work early and came home around 9 and then I went to the office.

The weather was beautiful so the girls and I played outside for quite a while when I got home. Then we decided we would work on a little project that I have been wanting to try for a while. My original plan was to make these for Valentine’s Day and send them with McKenna to school. Well, I am only a month behind (no surprise there). I found the idea on Fly through Our Window. http://http// Here is the link. I am not smart enough to make it a pretty one. The finished product turned out really cute and McKenna is going to take them to her Sunday School class this morning.

Sorry for the crummy pictures. Unlike after Christmas, I have my “real” camera. But sadly the charger cord is nowhere to be found and the battery is dead. Story of my life. These were all taken with my phone. But that is better than nothing!

All in all, not a bad Saturday. One question remains, IS IT APRIL 15th YET??? There are so many projects and things that I need to do around the house but I just can’t seem to find time to do anything but work, eat, sleep, change diapers, fix bottles and repeat.

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  1. Hi! Your comment on my blog did make me feel better! It's always nice to have your feelings validated as "normal". 🙂 Also, good luck getting through the rest of tax season. It's almost over!

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