Bluegrass Festival

We went to a Bluegrass Festival in Denton, NC the first weekend in May. (I told you I have a lot of blog posts coming about fun stuff but have just not had the time to get it posted.) We had a blast! This was the second time I have been to this particular festival. Just camping and spending time with my family is fun in and of itself but I also really like Bluegrass music.

This is a picture of the host band, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. Bluegrass band names seem to always start with the name of one person and then some sort of catchy name for the band. Anyway…I digress. They were singing “Sadie.”

I heard a new band called Newfound Road, while I was there (new to me, not new in the they just started sense). They were AWESOME! Not only did they play two sets of their own on Saturday but they also played two sets with Joe Diffie. I am obsessed with watching their videos on Youtube and am totally buying their new cd along with their old ones. This one is my favorite song (so far) on youtube.

I may be friends with the lead singer on Facebook now… 🙂

The park is really neat as it has a real train that you can ride and a lot of old buildings, stores, old houses that you can go in. Here is McKenna and Averycakes sitting on the side of an old well.

Me and the girls on the train! All of these pictures were taken from my phone so…you get the idea. My real camera is, yet again, unlocateable.

Did anyone notice that I finally figured out how to make a pretty link?? Oh yeah. Who’s got mad blogging skills?? Just kidding. I still struggle to figure out how to post and get this thing to do what I want. Extremely slow internet only adds to my dilemma.

OK. It’s 7am, I’ve already washed a load of clothes, unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded and written a blog! Now its time to get ready for work!

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